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What taxes and duties shall I pay on purchasing a property?

There is no real estate purchase tax in Turkey. Instead of this there is a land register tax is realized. This duty is presently 3% of the sales price. State Education System Supporting Fund and administrative duty is included in this 3%.
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What kind of extra taxes could be demanded for a real estate?

Real Estate Tax Law (EVK) had been amended in the years 1998 and 2002 in many important aspects. Real Estate Tax in Turkey covers two types of tax; one for Buildings and Lands, taxes which go to the municipality.
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Which extra expenditures would I meet?

Electricity Expenditures *:
Subscription charges for each apartment is 120 € (paid only for one time)
Up to 150 KW hour from / from 150 KW hours and on 0,11 € per KW hour/ 0,17 €.
No monthly basic price is collected.
220 Volt/50 Hertz variant current, Continent-European outlet type
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