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Some good reasons to invest in Mersin and surroundings

Reasons why property in Turkey is a good investment

  Turkey is just entering the EU process which means there remains another 10 -15 years of European investor interest in property.
  EU membership traditionally generates large increases in property values and investors are keen to buy property in the prime locations whilst prices are still low.
  Turkey is just at the beginning of a property boom.
  Turkish economy is getting stronger year by year.
  Dreamy beaches and climate make it a very popular holiday destination.
  You can still find excellent front-line properties for excellent value for money with high capital growth potential.
  Turkish summers are a lot longer than in many other EU destinations, offering more hours of sunshine per annum.
  Turkey has a huge population of 70+ million. This creates a strong internal property market meaning investors are not reliant on international investors for re-sales.

  Turkish population growth is around 2% per annum with 70% of the population younger than 30 , this creates a strong local market. 
  Over 25 million tourists (18 millions in 2005) visit Turkey each year boosting the property market and creating strong "buy to let" possibilities.
  Low cost of living and long summers make it a favorite retirement spot for the Europeans.      
  Huge golf tourism evolving in Mersin which will increase the value of any investment . Turkey offers a modern infrastructure.      
  Turkey is considered to be a highly dynamic country by the World Trade Organisation.        
  Land prices are on the increase while the property market evolves.      
  No capital gains tax after 4 years.     

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