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From Kilikia to Mersin - A short trip through a long history

In Mersin, the adventure of mankind began a long time ago. The Çukurova plain, which was one of the best naturally irrigated and fertile places in the Mediterranean basin, was one of the first settlements where people learned to till the earth. What is more, just behind this great plain, so suitable for agriculture, there were also forests. The first settlements in this area, which in ancient times was known as Kilikia, go as far back as the New Stone Age.

Around the year 3000, when there was nothing noteworthy in Greece, in the Aegean Islands and in Europe, the local people had invented bronze, which is a hard and resistant alloy, by adding tin to molten copper. They could also manufacture agricultural tools and other kinds of utensils and weapons. Thanks to the invention of bronze, which ushered in a new age, the process of industrialisation began. This process also brought about changes in social organisation. The process of urbanisation had begun, bringing with it the end of closed agricultural economies and the birth of commerce between different areas.

The province of Mersin, which encompasses the lands formerly known as Kilikia, reflects the remnants of this ancient history and of its civilisations.

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