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The Town on the Taurus Plateau
The inhabited areas in the province of Mersin are generally spread along the coast. Gülnar is one of the few inland settlements in the province. Its neighbor is Mut. After leaving Mut, the road crosses Through the Taurus Mountains and links the coastal areas with Central Anatolia. Gülnar sits on an altitude of 950 meters. The closest coastal town to Gülnar is Aydıncık, 30 kilometers away. Silifke is not very far either. But it is 150 kilometers to Mersin’s city center.

Meydancıkkale (Kirshu)
The only historical structure that has survived until the present day is a small castle. It has been built on a hill that controls the surrounding landscape.

If you take the left road after leaving Gülnar in the direction of Aydıncık, it will branch into left and right 4 kilometers later. You take the left road and after driving for 5 kilometers you come to a sharp bend towards the right. You leave your car here and take the small path among the oak trees, which will lead you to the castle. Since the castle is built on the edge of the hill, the path ends there. The castle is very well preserved.

It is understood that the castle was built to provide security to the passengers and caravans traversing this road.

The castle near the village of Tırnak has a long history. In 1971 French archeologists conducted excavation work here and uncovered important information. This was originally the royal town of Luwi kings. During the 7th and 6th Centuries Persians controlled the castle. In the 3rd and 2nd Centuries B.C. it became an Egyptian garrison. Later the castle was abandoned for a short period before it was put into use again during the late Roman and Byzantine periods.

Its monumental portal, the tomb on the eastern slopes of the hill on which the castle stands and the ruins of what looks like living quarters under which the coins were found exist on the site today. In an inscription found inside a rock grave mentions the name of the castle as Kirshu.

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