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Services we provide for you

When buying a real estate abroad, always beware that you have an addressee who has a good knowledge about the region where you intend to possess a property.

For this reason, we have offices available and at your disposal right in Mersin and Liparis Park holiday parks. Thus, you can always take us as your addressee.

Our employees who fluently converse in German and Turkish are available at your disposal and are pleased to assist you making your dreams come true.

Services we provide you with cover the following aspects:

  • Housekeeping service for the times you are away
  • Rental Service
  • Airport shuttle transfers
  • Flight Ticket booking and travel planning
  • Government Offices Correspondences
  • Post Service

Our services are arranged to fit your inquiries. For further information, please contact our employees at-site or contact us directly. You may have all the important phone numbers on our website.

Furthermore, we have more comprehensive services for apartment owners. You could obtain information about such services from our authorized employees.

* You may obtain updated prices about holiday houses from our staff members.

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