Real Estate Management

Many legal procedures await you after the purchase or sale of a real estate. The staff of ECLESS Ltd. will help you for these procedures at every stage.

For instance:

  • Obtaining taxpayer identification number
  • Banking transactions
  • Insurance and Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP)
  • Land registry and cadaster procedures
  • Natural gas, water and electricity subscriptions
  • Telephone and internet subscriptions
  • Municipal, Treasury and Due payments
  • Housecare services
  • Leasing processes
  • Legal transactions
  • Translations
  • Purchase and Sale transactions for car and scooter
  • Technical Examination Union (TÜV SÜD) service
  • Rent a car service…
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  • Real Estate Management
  • Turkish Citizenship for Foreign Investors
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  • Airport Transfers
  • Official Correspondence
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