Turkish Citizenship for Foreign Investors

The foreigners who buy properties in Turkey worth 250.000 USD at least, can directly apply for Turkish citizenship relying on the decision published on 19.09.2018. As a team we follow all bureaucratic procedures and finalize it on your behalf. We are finalizing your transactions with the power of attorney even if you are not here.

By buying real estate (house, land, workplace etc.) in the amount of 250.000 USD; you, your spouse and your children who are under 18 years old are entitled to Turkish citizenship (passport).

Providing that you will not sell your properties for three years that are bought after the date of 19.09.2018 and worth 250.000 USD at least, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

After that Turkish Republic gives approval of conformity to you, you can transfer your residential address. Later, you can acquire Turkish citizenship smoothly with no need to cease your own country’s citizenship (passport).

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